• Chania restaurant Irene
  • Chania restaurant Irene, Greek Traditional Food
  • Chania restaurant Irene, Greek Traditional Food
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Chania Restaurant Irene

The family tavern Irene was founded in 1979 and is probably the oldest restaurant in the area of Akrotiri. It was Grandmas Irene idea, which initially started as a small cafe - where she cooked and served traditional Cretan recipes she learned from her mother. With love and devotion to tradition, Grandma Irene, although without any knowledge of English, was able to make friends from all over the world and the restaurant to be recommended in every guidebook of Chania.
Nowadays our restaurant continues to serve traditional Cretan dishes prepared with extra virgin olive oil and fresh ingredients of our own production.
Enjoy your meal!

Location Chorafakia

Chorafakia is a beautiful seaside settlement in the Akrotiri area of Chania, only 12 km from the center of Chania, 14 km from the port of Souda and very close to the airport of Chania. Regular transportation to and from Chania makes the area easily accessible and is a perfect destination for a peaceful holiday with your family!
The amazing location of the village offers easy access to many unique beaches in Akrotiri, such as Kalathas, Stavros and Tersanas, as well as historical sights such as Agia Triada Monastery. Check out all your favorite summer destinations near Chorafakia, in the Destinations section!

  • Chania restaurant
  • Chania restaurant
  • Chania restaurant Irene
  • Chania restaurant Irene
  • Chania restaurant Irene
  • Chania restaurant
Chania restaurant Irene


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Chania restaurant Irene
Appetizers Price
Dakos (Rusk, tomato, mizithra cheese, oregano, olive oil) 3,50 €
Saganaki cheese - fried cheese 5,00 €
Grilled feta cheese 3,50 €
Tzatziki yoghurt with garlic and cucumber 3,00 €
Fish roe dip "taramosalata" 3,00 €
Spicy cheese dip "tirokafteri" 3,00 €
Aubergine 3,00 €
Skordalia - garlic dip 3,00 €
Zucchini balls 3,50 €
Fried zucchini 3,00 €
Fried aubergines 3,00 €
Cottage sausages 5,00 €
Meatballs 5,00 €
Kaltsounia 2 pcs. (cheese or spinach pies) 2,50 €
Staka (soft butter cream) 5,00 €
Staka with eggs 6,00 €
Mizithra cheese 3,00 €
Gryuere 5,00 €
Feta cheese 3,00 €
Fried potatoes 3,00 €
Cabbage leaves stuffed with rice 5,00 €
Vine leaves stuffed with rice 6,00 €
Chania restaurant Irene
Salads Price
Irene Salad (Lettuce, lola lettuce, pomegranate, cabbage, carrot, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, rusk, walnuts, vinegraitte sauce) 5,50 €
Cretan Salad (Tomato, cucumber, peppers, onion, olives, olive oil, rusk, oregano, mizithra cheese) 5,00 €
Greek Salad (Tomato, cucumber, peppers, onion, olives, olive oil, oregano, feta cheese) 4,50 €
White cabbage salad 3,50 €
Lettuce 3,50 €
Mixed (Lettuce, white cabbage, carrot, olive oil) 3,50 €
Vlita - local greens 4,50 €
Stamnagathi - local greens 6,00 €
Chania restaurant Irene
Vegeterian Price
Stuffed tomatoes with rice 5,00 €
Cabbage leaves stuffed with rice 5,00 €
Vine leaves stuffed with rice 6,00 €
Aubergines baked in the oven with feta cheese and tomato sauce 5,00 €
Okras with tomato sauce 5,00 €
Fresh beans with tomato sauce 5,00 €
Giant beans 5,50 €
Boureki (Zucchini, potatoes and mizithra cheese baked in the oven with olive oil) 5,00 €
Fava beans 5,00 €
Chania restaurant Irene
Traditional dishes Price
Mousaka (Potatoes, aubergines, minced meat, bechamel) 6,50 €
Pastitsio (Spaghetti, minced meat, cheese, bechamel) 6,00 €
Meat balls in the oven 6,50 €
Chicken in the oven with lemon 6,50 €
Chicken baked in the oven with tomato sauce and okras or fries 6,50 €
Lamb baked in the oven with potatoes and tomato sauce 8,50 €
Pork stifado pork stew with tomato sauce and onions 7,00 €
Rabbit stifado 8,50 €
Beef stew 8,00 €
Tsigariasto - lamb cooked in olive oil 8,00 €
Giouvetsi (Beef with kritharaki pasta and tomato sauce) 8,00 €
Spaghetti with minced meat 5,00 €
Spaghetti with cheese 4,00 €
Omelette with potatoes 5,00 €
Meatballs in tomato sauce 6,50 €
Snails with potatoes "Hohlioi" 6,50 €
Cretan Pilafi Upon request
Chania restaurant Irene
Seafood Price
Cuttlefish with fennel 7,00 €
Octopus* boiled or grilled 8,50 €
Calamari* 7,00 €
Grilled shrimps* 9,00 €
Fried small fish (picarel, anchovy, sardin) 6,00 €
Grilled Sea bream 12,00 €
Fried codfish 7,00 €
Chania restaurant Irene
Grilled Price
Beef steak 10,00 €
Pork steak 7,00 €
Burgers 7,00 €
Chicken fillet 7,50 €
Pork souvlaki (3 pcs) 6,50 €
Chicken souvlaki 7,00 €
Lamb chops portion 8,50 €
Lamb chops per kilo 25,00 €
Pancetta 6,50 €
Grilled variety for 2 pers 16,00 €
Grilled variety for 4 pers 30,00 €
Every Sunday Price
Kontosouvli 6,50 €
Kokoretsi 8,00 €
Grilled lamb 10,00 €
Grilled lamb per kilo 25,00 €
Chania restaurant Irene
Wines Price
House white wine / per kilo 6,00 €
House red wine / per kilo 6,00 €
House rose wine / per kilo 6,00 €
Glass of house wine 1,50 €
Retsina 500ml 3,50 €
Beers Price
Fix beer 2,50 €
Amstel beer 2,50 €
Mythos beer 2,50 €
Alfa beer 2,50 €
Drinks Price
Ouzo small caraffe 7,00 €
Ouzo by the glass 2,00 €
Tsikoudia small caraffe 3,00 €
Whiskey 3,50 €
Cognac 2,50 €
Vodka 4,50 €
Refreshments Price
Coca Cola, Zero, Coca Cola light 330ml 1,50 €
Sprite 1,50 €
Fanta (orange, lemon) 330ml 1,50 €
Gerani refreshments 250ml (orangeade, lemonade, biral, gazoza) 1,50 €
Ice Tea 330ml (lemon, peach) 1,50 €
Sparkling water 1,50 €
Bottled water 1,5lt 1,50 €
Bottled water 750ml 1,00 €
Amita Motion 1,50 €
Fresh orange juice 2,50 €
Mixed fresh juice 3,00 €
Chania restaurant Irene
Coffees Price
Greek coffee 2,00 €
Double greek coffee 2,50 €
Nescafe 2,50 €
Frappe 1,50 €
Espresso 2,00 €
Double espresso 2,50 €
Espresso freddo 2,00 €
Cappuccino 2,50 €
Cappuccino freddo 2,50 €
Americano 2,50 €
Chania restaurant Irene
Breakfast Price
Toasted eggs 5,00 €
Omelette 5,00 €
Fried eggs 2,50 €
Sausages 5,00 €
Fresh bread with thyme honey, marmelade, butter/ per person 2,50 €
Toast with ham and cheese 1,50 €
Seasonal fruits 2,00 €
Toasted bread with honey, butter, marmelade/ per person 2,00 €
Cereals 2,00 €
Chania restaurant Irene
Sweets Price
Cheese pies with honey (2 pcs) 2,50 €
Yoghurt with honey 2,50 €
Sfakiani - cheese pie with honey 4,00 €
Grandmas walnut pie 5,00 €
Doughnuts with honey 5,00 €

All foods are prepared with extra virgin olive oil of our own production!

Bread 0,50 €



Book your table by contacting us at +30 2821 039470




Akrotiri, Chania is a large peninsula north-east of the city of Chania, with sheltered beaches of exceptional beauty and historical and religious sights that you shouldn't miss the opportunity to visit. We have distinguished the most beautiful destinations around Akrotiri peninsulafor you, in less than 15 kilometers from Chorafakia! Enjoy the sea, the sun and the beauties of Chania, and the exceptional Cretan recipes with Traditional tavern Irene!

Chania Town

Chania is a town of great beauty that deserves to visit all the points of interest inside and outside the city center! Just a short distance from Chorafakia, about 12km away, you will find it easy to reach the traditional tavern Irene, for special traditional dishes!
It is not only the archaeological interest that you will encounter, but the monuments and architectural heritage of Venetian domination, and later times. With your visit to Chania, do not forget to walk to the Municipal Garden, under the Clock, enjoy the panoramic view from the Venizelos Tombs, a walk around the Municipal Market and, of course, the old harbor of Chania and the alleys of the old town that will excite you!

For car rentals in Chania - Chania rent a car!

Kalathas beach

Kalathas is a seaside, modern village with its homonymous beach, just 2.5 km away from Chorafakia, built in a natural bay. The beach of Kalathas is already famous for the beautiful fine sand and the crystal clear shallow waters! It is a calm, well-organized beach with umbrellas, water sports, showers and lifeguard, and it is also preferred by the residents of Chania for its clear waters and the organized beach, ideal for children!

Loutraki beach

A beautiful and popular seaside resort, Loutraki is about 12 km from Chorafakia. Loutraki beach is a favorite destination, well organized and of course with wonderful fine sand and shallow waters! Usually the sea is calm with splendid blue waters but you have to be prepared for a crowded beach as it is a favorite beach for both tourists and residents!

Marathi beach

Next to Loutraki, Marathi is another favorite destination of Akrotiri, 14 kilometers from Chorafakia. Marathi due to its good orientation, is always sheltered with calm sea. Overlooking the White Mountains, both the beaches of Marathi have shallow waters and fine sand, and you will not find the beaches overcrowded. Marathi provides amenities such as umbrellas, beach bar, lifeguard, water sports and disability provision.

Seitan Limania beach

On the eastern side of Akrotiri and 13 km from Chorafakia, there is the beautiful beach of Agios Stefanos. A landscape of wild beauty, a bay with tall white rocks and a tiny beach with white sand and gravel give the waters an extraordinary color. Protected from the air, the beach in order to be accessible, takes a 10 minutes hard walk.

Stavros beach

Another beautiful village, Stavros, is 4km away from Chorafakia, at the northernmost tip of Akrotiri. Today it is a resort with great tourist infrastructure, starting from a small fishing village. Under the mountain that protects Stavros, the central beach of Stavros extends, right next to the harbor, in a sheltered bay.. The white sand, the tranquil and clean sea and of course the turquoise and shallow waters, attract tourists during the summer months. The beach is well organized, with showers, umbrellas, water sports and, of course, unique scenery!



Chorafakia main street, Akrotiri, 73100 Chania - Crete
Tel: 2821-039470